Acrylic Paint Pouring is very popular right now! I am trying to remember how exactly it started in our household…..I think I saw a video on Facebook and my daughter saw one on YouTube and the obsession started. It’s mesmerizing to watch how the colors spill out onto the canvas. And it’s a little bit of a science experiment to get the colors to flow just where you want them. As you tilt the canvas some paint runs off, some gets “stretched”, some mixes with other paints, etc. You could mix the same colors 100 different times and never have the same result.

My daughter started with canvas.Mermaid Canvas Painting

But being the wreath maker that I am, I wanted to paint on wood cut-outs to use as wreath accents! (P.S. you can grab these and more in my Etsy shop!)

painted anchor

Smaller pieces are a little more difficult because the whole premise of acrylic paint pouring is just that – that paint is poured onto a surface (usually), rather than brushed on. With a square canvas that’s fairly easy to coat the entire surface area. But with cut-out pieces there’s a lot more run-off and it is harder to cover.

I recently started working with DecoArt products because they have a huge line of products from acrylic paints to pre-mixed paints to glitter and topcoats.

Because the paint takes a few days to weeks to fully cure AND if you use a topcoat you’ll need to wait even longer – I decided it was time to start on Valentine’s Day items. Yes, I know it’s currently November. But staying ahead of the holidays is what us crafters must do! Check out the video to see exactly how I made these letters and make sure to subscribe to my YouTube channel to be notified of new videos!


how to do an acrylic paint pour on letters