One of my most popular online tutorials AND most popular finished products is for a tulip wreath!

Maybe it’s because we’re just coming off of Fall and Christmas with a different color scheme and not a lot of florals……everyone is ready for bright spring colors and new flowers!

I saw Julie from Southern Charm Wreaths make one of these a few years ago and I was hooked! Here’s how I make it:

Supply List:

  • 12″ x 2″ Styrofoam form with the FLAT sides – You can buy wholesale from Darice HERE. I like using the ones with the 2″ flat sides so it’s easier to attach the tulips on the edges.
  • 1.75″ Floral pins (also called Greening pins) – You can find these at Walmart and most craft stores or larger bulk quantities often for less on Amazon like this HERE. If you’ve been following my Facebook page for a while you may have seen that I actually bought a 5lb box of these pins last year. (P.S. That’s a LOT of pins lol but it was a really good price!)
  • Unwired floral ribbon – I buy this ribbon at Michael’s. It’s 75yds for $9.99 – use a coupon to save but it lasts a long time!
  • 12-13 Mini Tulip Bushes – I buy these from Michael’s but only when they go on sale. They’re originally $3.99 but often go on sale for $1.99 and if you have a total purchase coupon the price is even better! (pro tip: the white usually sells out first so grab it when you can.) Remember you’re looking for the MINI tulips – not the larger ones that sell for $9.99 a bunch.
  • Hot glue – I only use these Gorilla Glue Sticks

Here’s How I Make It:

  1. Wrap Styrofoam form with the ribbon, securing the beginning and end with floral pins
  2. Push up greenery on each tulip stem and trim the ends of the stem, leaving about 1″ below each “bundle” of tulips
  3. Grab 3 bundles and secure to the form with a pin and then add hot glue on top
  4. Go all the way around the wreath, adding each bundle next to the one before it, all in the same direction
  5. Then grab 2 bundles and do the same around the sides/edges of the form
  6. Fill in any holes or sparse areas when you’re finished with any leftover pieces you have
  7. Take a piece of your unwired ribbon (or any ribbon you like), make a loop and a knot. Place pins above and below the knot into the form and secure with hot glue
  8. Hang and admire you’re beautiful new tulip wreath!

If you want to watch the quick 3.5 minute video click below:

how to make a tulip wreath

For the longer version from Facebook Live click the image below:

tulip wreath facebook live


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