Shopify or Etsy? Or Both?

Should you open a Shopify website or an Etsy shop? Here’s my two cents. I have both an Etsy shop and a Shopify website. When I first started selling my wreaths about 4.5 years ago I opened an Etsy shop. My sister has a successful Etsy shop currently selling...

What to do when business is slow

So you’ve hit a slowdown in your business. Now what? I’m here to tell you that you should never have nothing to do! Being an entrepreneur often means wearing many hats so there is always a job to do. Plus, bikini bodies are made in the winter, right?!...
Etsy 101

Etsy 101

  That’s the complete opposite of what you should do! Here’s why: When you list an item it shows up in the “notifications” for anyone who has favorited your shop. List them all at once and they’ll only get a notification on one day. List them gradually and...

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