So you’ve hit a slowdown in your business. Now what? I’m here to tell you that you should never have nothing to do! Being an entrepreneur often means wearing many hats so there is always a job to do. Plus, bikini bodies are made in the winter, right?!  What you do in the “off time” will set you up for success in your busy times. Here’s a few ideas for you of things to work on when orders are slow:

  • take a new course to learn how to improve your business (enrollment for Etsy 201 is open now!!)
  • marketing – nail down Facebook ads, design new business cards, plan out what shows you will attend if any
  • try something new – new designs, new mediums, new product lines
  • clean up your craft space – a clean space leads to a clean mind and allows your brain to focus on creating and designing
  • reconnect with old and new customers
  • get a handle on your bookkeeping – I recommend using a software like GoDaddy or Quickbooks
  • work on your social media – ready to try a new platform? learn more about how to use each for your business
  • schedule posts or blogs
  • write email campaigns
  • work on all those trainings or ebooks you’ve purchased but haven’t gotten around to finishing yet
  • pre-make items (or portions of items) that you sell during the busy times to get ahead

As a solo-preneur you should never be bored! There is really no actual “down time” when there is NOTHING to do. You should be either making products or working on improving your business. During the year how much time you have to focus on each will fluctuate but there is always more to do and learn.

Happy creating! Now get to work. 🙂

P.S. Handmade Sellers University: Etsy 201 course is enrolling now but only until April 26th! Use this “slowdown” to learn how to improve your Etsy shop!

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