I’m a firm believer in working smarter not harder. As an Etsy seller that means knowing what you do well (and more importantly what sells well) – AND DOING MORE OF THAT. Stop trying to reinvent the wheel each time!

So with that in mind do you have an item that you can make in a few different ways? It will save you tons of time, energy, and resources going forward. It could be a wreath that you can make with a variety of different signs or bow colors. It could be a piece of jewelry that you can make in silver, gold, rose gold, etc. It could be a t-shirt that you can make with different graphics.

But what’s the best way to list a product on Etsy that has multiple “variations”? Should you put them all in one listing or list them all separately?

Here’s the Pros and Cons to each method:


  • Pro: When that listings sells over and over you’ll get a boost in the algorithm because Etsy will see it as a popular item
  • Pro: Time saver – don’t have to recreate multiple listings
  • Con: Customers won’t see all the variations you have available in search until they click through


  • Pro: Each variation has it’s own dedicated image
  • Pro: Can take advantage of attributes section appropriately
  • Pro: Increases the number of listings you have available
  • Con: Don’t get that “multiple sales” boost in the algorithm

So, which model should you go with when listing your items?

Well, it’s up to you. It depends on how many variations you have, how much time you want to dedicate, and what works well in your shop. I’ve given you the pros and cons so now test it out in your shop!

For more information on how to list your items and use variations check out my updated Handmade Sellers Guide HERE